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Apr 24, 2018


Mutant babies and Billy Ray Cyrus! In this edition of Film Loop we’re diving into the ethereal brain of David Lynch! Darian and Victor start by discussing the master director’s influence on the cinematic world. Then, Victor proceeds with Lynch’s directorial debut, 1977’s “Eraserhead.” Darian...

Apr 10, 2018


“Strike that, reverse it!” Listen as Darian and Victor go toe to toe and discuss the merits of two childhood classics featuring the eccentric chocolatier named Wonka. Victor stirs things up first with 1971’s “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.” Next, Darian chews the fat with his pick, 2005’s...

Apr 6, 2018


Shall we play a game? Welcome to Film Loop NOW where we loop FORWARD in time to talk about the movies we love right now! In this episode, we’re booting up “Ready Player One” as Darian and Victor go analog, sharing their thoughts and reactions on this adaptation of Ernest Cline’s beloved...