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Jan 30, 2018

Flying Guillotines and Vital Nerves! Welcome to Kung Fu Theater! In this episode, Darian and Victor loop back to the golden age of martial arts cinema and cover two classics in the genre. Darian kicks things off with the Shaw Brothers’ 1980 flick, “Fists of the White Lotus,” and Victor delivers a roundhouse with a personal favorite of Mr. Tarantino himself, 1976’s “Master of the Flying Guillotine.”



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The 90th Annual Academy Awards are upon us, and we’re hosting the first annual Film Loop Office Oscar Pool! That’s right, we’re challenging you, our listeners, to make predictions for winners in each category of the 2018 Oscar awards and compete for the top prize, including the chance to pick a film that we will review in our penultimate episode this season! Enter your submissions now! Contest ends February 26th, 2018. Go to for more details!


“Somewhere Out There” Joe Frank Documentary trailer:

Fists of the White Lotus trailer:

Master of the Flying Guillotine trailer:

Super 16 by Neu!:

The True Story Behind Pai Mei:

Gordon Liu Interview and Clips:

Gordon Liu as Pai Mei in Kill Bill: Vol. 2:

FLUBS from Episode #10

Can it be!? No flubs last episode! (that we know of…)

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