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Oct 30, 2018

Never again feel safe in the dark! It’s the annual Halloween episode of Film Loop! In this very special edition, Darian and Victor are joined by the host of Hellbent for Horror” Podcast, S.A. Bradley, to discuss the seminal 1977 Italian horror classic “Suspiria” directed by maestro Dario Argento. Lock your doors, turn out the lights, and get ready for a scream of a show!



Film Loop: Season 2 Spotify Playlist Picks


  • Darian’s Pick “Suspiria - Main Titles” by Goblin
  • Victor’s Pick "Sighs" by Goblin  


Listen here:






Film Loop is a movie podcast hosted by Victor De Anda (a GenXer) and Darian Davis (a Millennial). Every episode, each host picks one movie from their past to share with the other, and together they debate and ruminate over their favorite moments as the generations collide! To stay in the loop, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @filmloopshow, show your love by rating and reviewing us on iTunes here:, and visit us at!